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KAIST 원자력 및 양자공학과 김용희 교수님 연구실의 Xuan Ha Nguyen 학생이 한국원자력학회 2020년 춘계학술발표회에서 원자로물리 및 계산과학 분야에서 다음과 같은 제목의 논문으로 우수상을 수상하였다. 

A Spectral Optimization Study of Fuel Assembly for Soluble-Boron-Free SMR

시상식은 2020년 10월 21() 창원컨벤션센터에서 진행될 예정이며, 코로나 19 관련 상황에 따라 추계학회가 온라인 학술발표회로 전환될 시 

수상자에게 개별 안내 예정이다. 

다음은 Xuan Ha Nguyen 학생의 인터뷰 전문이다.

Q: Congratulation on winning the best thesis award, and please tell us how you feel.


A: Yeahhhh! I feel a little bit surprised and motivated, cause it comes when I do not expect much and am quite struggling with my current research. 

It, indeed, is a big achievement to me and motivates me a lot during touch time.

 I would like to thank my advisor and colleagues for supporting me.



Q: Please briefly explain the field that you are currently researching.

I am currently working on Reactor Physics, particularly Nuclear Reactor Design and Analysis, which plays an extremely important role in nuclear science and technology.

We are aiming to provide to the world a clean, safe, powerful, and sustainable energy resource through our advanced nuclear reactor designs.



Q: I'd like to ask what you want to do in the future.


I want to contribute more to the development of nuclear science, so after graduation I would like to pursue nuclear academia, for example post-doc position or researcher at nuclear institute.



Q: Please say a word to your juniors who will enter the department of nuclear energy and quantum engineering in 2021.


First of all, congratulation on their successful entrance to graduate program in our department. I have been here for six years for both MS and Ph. D, without a doubt it is my wise decision to be at KAIST, particularly NQe.


I have learned a lot from our elite professors through their lectures, individial discussions and instruction, meanwhile enjoying the state-of-the-art experimental facilities and truly international educational environment.


Pursuing graduate degrees is, indeed, not easy at all as it is a challenging discipline. Sometimes it is really painful (in the ass) because of directional struggle, intensive researches, high pressure and demand.

However, it is worth your effort.

I believe that you will do it well, my joniors ^_^!

Nevertheless, please feel free to contact me if you need some tips or just a normal talk ㅋㅋㅋ e-mail: xuanha@kaist.ac.kr


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