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The RCA-KAIST Master’s Degree Program of the Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering, KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) is designed to educate and train high-caliber students from the RCA Member States with the aim to preserve and enhance nuclear technology for RCA Member States. The graduates of the program have been contributing to the developments of nuclear and radiation technology for the graduates’countries by working in government supported R&D institutions, or government funded enterprises, universities etc. as elite leaders. This program has been implemented since March 2003 and36 students in total from 11 countries have been accepted up to now. To finish the course it takes up to 2 years regularly and students must satisfy certain requirements.

RCA Scholarship

RCA-KAIST program scholarship coverage is as follows:
- Application fee (80,000 Korean Won= see "How to apply")
- 2 years Tuition (Approx. 8,200,000 Korean Won per academic year)
- Stipend (1,000,000 Korean Won/month): to be paid monthly on 25th of each month for up to 23 months depending on the study period.
- The economy-class one-way airfare from the nearest airport of the originating country to Incheon, Korea.

The local transportation from the airport to Daejeon, and the returning air fare after finishing the course is not covered by the program On-campus housing (dormitory) can be arranged but the cost must be borne individually. At present, a 2-beds standard room at KAIST costs about 700,000 Korean Won/6 months (may change slightly) and must be paid at the beginning of each semester. KAIST provides family apartment for married students near campus. You can register for this apartment after arriving at KAIST but there is a high competition. Normally, students can move into this apartment after 2-3 months after registering. Private housings with comparatively high price are also available near campus. The meals in the Campus cafeteria cost around 4,500~5,000 Korean Won per meal. Medical insurance fee of approximately 50,000 Korean Won/month will not be paid, also KAIST student health insurance fee of 50,000 won/semester should be paid by students.

Application and Admission Procedure

Application Documents

Application forms can be downloaded from the KAIST admission website. (For more information, please visit the KAIST admission website at http://admission.kaist.ac.kr). Applicants are recommended to frequently visit the KAIST website or RCA website http://www.rcaro.org for being informed of further notices or additional guidance for application.

  • 1. Document checklist (downloadable)
  • 2. Application form (online application) (downloadable)
  • 3. Statement of Financial Resources (online application) (downloadable)
  • 4. Two Letters of Recommendation (online submission) from two professors of the educational institute where the applicant attended for BA or MS degree. Applicants who are working can also get recommendation letters from their supervisors.
  • 5. Recommendation of RCA national representative of applicant’s country: RCA NR's representative’s letter should be sent to Ms. Juyeong Park by the representative at juyeong@kaist.ac.kr by the deadline of online application. Information on national representative can be found at http://www.rcaro.org.
  • 6. Graduation(or expected) and degree certificates from all the colleges attended
  • 7. Academic transcripts from all the colleges attended
  • 8. Copy of identity documents I (applicant’s): An official document indicating applicant’s nationality. e.g. passport, national ID card, alien registration card, etc. (Include a copy of page showing the passport number, date of issue and expiration, photo, and name.)
  • 9. Copy of identity documents (parent’s): An official document indicating parents’nationality, e.g. passports, national ID cards, etc. (Include a copy of page showing the passport number, date of issue and expiration, photo, and name.)
  • 10. Curriculum Vitae
  • 11. Regular TOEFL (or TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS) score record more than below score will be highly evaluated (for students only from non-English speaking countries). The test taken more than 2 years prior to application due date may not be accepted. (Optional)
  • 12. List of Honors and Awards (Form 3) (downloadable) (Optional)
  • 13. Employment Certificate (Optional)
  • 14. School Profile/ Credit Rating System (Optional)
More detailed information on admission and required documents can be found in the Office of Admissions at KAIST

How to apply

All applicants must apply online by September 20, 2019 through http://admission.kaist.ac.kr/international/. After finishing online application, they must inform programcoordinator (juyeong@kaist.ac.kr) your application ID so the admission fee can be paid by RCA program. Online application form should be printed and enclosed in the application package after the payment is made. The deadline of document submission is16 September 27, 2019.

Applicants should send their application package directly to the Admission Management Team at KAIST, and application package should be arrived by the due date given below. For detailed information including address, please refer to the KAIST admission website (http://admission.kaist.ac.kr). The Admission Management Team shall only accept application documents that arrive at KAIST by due dates. They do not take any responsibility for a failure in delivery of application documents by the deadline.

Submitted documents will NOT be returned in any case. Please keep a copy of all application materials in case the materials get lost in the mail.

KAIST, Admissions Office (Graduate)
ADDRESS E11 Bldg., 5F, Rm#508A,291 Daehak-ro, (373-1, Guseong-dong), Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141Republic of Korea
TEL +82-42-350-2352, 2354