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Future-oriented plasma technology

Plasma Applications

Plasma has already been actively applied in various industries and is being used in various ways in our real life to make our lives more convenient and healthier.

Plasma is also being applied as a convergence technology in NT, ET, BT, ST and IT fields. As already known, plasma technology has been actively used in various microelectronics manufacturing processes, and it has also been used in environmental technology (air, water, soil purification, pollution reduction, etc.), energy technology (hydrogen energy production, etc.), nanotechnology (nanopowder, nanotube manufacturing, etc.), aerospace industry (satellite and spacecraft plasma propulsion, etc.), biotechnology, etc. Recently, as part of the application of plasma to solve social issues such as improving public health and securing food safety, research and development that utilizes plasma technology is growing exponentially around the world particularly in the fields of agri-food (ensuring food safety and shelf-life extension, etc.) and medical care (plasma-based medical equipment, plasma sterilizer, etc.). Our department is also making great efforts to various plasma applications including plasma source development and characterization for agri-food storage and safety enhancement, advanced plasma diagnostic system development and data analysis for intelligent semiconductor and display process equipment, space plasma engine development, etc.