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Student Activities

2010 NQe Open House (2010.4.30)​



2010 NQe Open House

We will be holding an NQe Open House to introduce graduate program and research activities of the Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering at KAIST. We would be pleased to have participation of many interested students in the event.

1. Date/Time : April 30, 2010 (Friday), 2:00pm-7:00pm (NQe Doosan Lecture Hall)

* 2:00pm-5:00pm : Introduction of NQe Department, Meeting with professors,Lab tour 

   * 5:00pm-7:00pm : Dinner

2. Applicants : Students interested in the entrance into the MS course of KAIST-NQe

   * An applicant for the Fall Semester of 2009 or for the MS and/or PhD program of 2010 is included  

     as  well

   * No major constraint

3. Application: via e-mail to KAIST-NQE

     * Application period : until 6:00pm on April 23, 2009 (Friday)

* Please provide the name of applicant, university, major, year of graduation or tentative 

      graduation, cell phone number

* Individual application is only possible