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우리학과의 장순흥교수님께서 미국원자력학회(ANS) Fellow에 선정되셨습니다.

Fellow는 미국원자력학회의 회원 중 가장 높은 명예의 회원으로서 원자력 과학 및 공학 분야에서 뛰어난 업적을 이룬 회원 중 포상위원회(the Honors and Awards Committee)의 투표로 선정되며,

Fellow 선정 기념행사는 66일 미국원자력학회연차대회 기간 중 열리게 됩니다.


Contact: Prema S. Chandrathil

(217) 242-8122

(708) 579-8224

American Nuclear Society Honors an Outstanding

Contributor in the Nuclear Field

La Grange Park, IL (June 6th, 2006) —Soon Heung Chang, a professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in the Department of Nuclear and Quantum Energy, was honored as a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) during the Society’s annual meeting held this year in Reno, NV. 

ANS bestows the Fellow designation, to recognize outstanding accomplishment by members in one or more of the disciplines or fields of nuclear science and engineering. 

Soon Heung Chang  was recognized for his outstanding scholarly contributions to the fundamental understanding of thermal hydraulics phenomena with emphasis on the critical heat flux, severe accident analysis and nuclear safety.  He is also being recognized for his technical leadership as a statesman for the nuclear community in Korea, the international community, as well as his exceptional efforts through international scientific cooperation and exchanges which has been exemplary. 

The American Nuclear Society is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational organization. It was established in 1954 by professionals in diverse fields to promote the advancement of engineering and science relating to the atomic, nuclear and allied sciences and arts. More than 10,500 individuals belong to the Society and exchange research, provide scholarships, hold meetings, and disseminate information on nuclear science and technology.

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